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Yakima River Canyon Cattle Drive

Yakima River Canyon Cattle Drive

I had some work to do in Ellensburg on Saturday and Kendall rode along. We decided to take the Yakima River Canyon Road on the way home hoping to see the  bighorn sheep for ourselves. We didn’t see any sheep but we were treated to an animal experience of another kind.

As I headed into the canyon a road sign warned of traffic delays. I hesitated for a moment and considered getting on the main freeway. But, I decided to take a risk and stay on our route.  Halfway into the canyon we saw this heading toward us:

Yakima River Canyon Cattle Drive 1

Kendall and I were so excited! We pulled over to the side of the road, grabbed my camera, started snapping photos and otherwise tried to stay out of the way.





Half of the herd had passed when Kendall spotted someone making her way along the side of the road.


And then came the second half of the herd. We loved this beautiful girl–white outlined in black.

The annual cattle drive has been an Eaton family and friends tradition for years. Although it wasn’t on our agenda for that chilly, foggy Saturday, Kendall and I were thrilled that we accidentally bumped into these folks.

Next time we will find a spot way off the road to park, sit back and watch everyone amble by so that this doesn’t happen again:



  1. LOVE this! I want to do this next year with a picnic :)!

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