Enjoying the Next 10 Days–Gift & Entertaining Inspiration

Enjoying the Next 10 Days–Gift & Entertaining Inspiration

Today marks the 10 day countdown until Christmas.  How is this even a possibility? Most of the last week I’ve spent with a sinus infection and have barely moved from couch/bed.  I’ve gotten nothing done and the only visions dancing in my head are of antibiotics and clear nasal passages.  This morning I spent a little time feeling sorry for myself and then I realized that my predicament is far from the end of the world and though not all of my Christmas prep may get done this year, we will still have a wonderful time together with family and friends.

In the spirit of trying to slow down and with a full heart for the many loves in my life, I am rejecting stress and am calling on some festive ghosts of Christmas past to help me celebrate this year.  I’ve spent some time today combing through past posts and pulling things related to gift-giving, entertaining and Christmas morning.  I was reminded of some quick, fun ideas and I hope they are helpful for you too.  Here’s what I found (follow the links to the view the complete posts):

Stocking Stuffers and Hostess Gifts (2012)

pic monkey collage

Top Ten Stocking Stuffers (2011)

Great Grandma’s Sugar Cookies–Super simple and delicious freezer cookies that you can decorate as you please!

The Marez Family’s Favorite Cookie:  Scandinavian Almond Bar (2011)

Hot Chocolate Bar (2011)–Fun for the little (and big) kids:

Stacie’s Blackberry Lemon Sparkler (2012)


Stacie’s Top 10 Children’s Books (2011)Perfect place to start for the kids on your list:

Top 10 Hostess Gifts (2011)

Stacie’s Shop Local for Great Holiday Gifts (2012)

Merry & Bright (2012)–Christmas reflections and a few simple crafts:

My 6-CD changer in my car is loaded with Christmas tunes–Sarah Mclachlan (lovely & melancholy), Emmylou Harris (folky), Annie Lennox (rock vibe), Josh Groban (magical).  If you see me stopped at a light, chances are my mouth is open wide and I am harmonizing at the top of my lungs, giving O Holy Night my very best shot.  This is the (one) time of year I consistently get out my guitar and some old sheet music.  It is a time of JOY . . . I just can’t help myself. My house is a happy explosion of pine boughs, holly, lights and glitter.  It is warm inside and the fire is on . . . at the very heart of me, I feel at home. – See more at: http://hometownperch.com/2012/12/merry-bright/#sthash.FnkH3SEQ.dpuf

Stacie’s Christmas Morning Breakfast Menu (2011)

My favorite quick, decadent Christmas morning casserole:  Baked Egg Custard with Gruyere You can do nearly everything the night before and just pop in the oven on Christmas morning.

To end on a sweet note,  an excerpt from my post, Friday Night In (2011):

Mid-movie, we took a break for our snack:  Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate! 

We thought about making our own chocolate mix, but due to our movie goals, decided to go with Safeway’s version.  We heated milk in a pan and added a little less chocolate than the directions required, whisking as we went.  We then put in a tablespoon of Copper Pot Caramel Sauce (the BEST caramel I have ever had!!!), and whisked away some more.  Tip:  go easy on the caramel at first and add to taste.

Once our mixture was hot, we poured into mugs, topped with whipped cream and a bit of coarse sea salt.  I found it easiest to pour a little sea salt into my hand and then sprinkle on top.

I wish you and yours a magical week before Christmas!


  1. I hope you feel better very soon. Remember: karate chop! send ‘em to hell. We will all be together for the holidays and it will be wonderful, I promise!

  2. Feel better friend. So fun to see some of our past holiday posts!

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