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Weekend Therapy

Weekend Therapy

What a perfect weekend–a Saturday curled up by the fire, the whole family whittling the day away reading, watching movies, Pinteresting, napping and feasting (Doug made an amazing roast).  The most relaxing, lovely day I’ve had in a while.  And then waking up to winter (finally), reveling in the 10+ inches of snow that fell throughout Saturday afternoon and into the evening. While Doug was off helping neighbors and family shovel snow, Sophie and I added coats and boots to our already stylish attire of robe and jammies, grabbed our cameras and headed out to explore.

We laughed and shivered and studied and listened–the world looking and sounding so different.  Sophie uncovered her trampoline and I captured her jumping through the snow.











Then we shook the snow from our boots, tore off our wet socks and walked barefoot into the kitchen to make hot cocoa.  We sat by the fire and talked.  And then back to the kitchen to make chocolate chip pancakes covered in warm berries.

And that is why now, Sunday evening, I feel human again (rejuvenated), ready to take on the week.  And that is why I love weekends.



  1. Grandma Sue says:

    What a wonderful memory you made for Sophie! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Peggy Urlacher says:

    It is those simple moments that make life enjoyable not the big ones.

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