The Holy Grail:  Balance

The Holy Grail: Balance

I have been out of blogging mode for a while now and the sheer craziness of the last month has done nothing to help my slacking.  I told Stacie this week:  I promise I’m getting back on the bandwagon!

So, here I am, admitting that I am behind in most every aspect of my life, exhausted in mind and certainly spirit.  I am worried about the health of some very dear family members, I have been working long hours and sleep is not coming easily. The old adage about a chicken with its head cut off is sadly a great way to describe me.

And what to do when you don’t even recognize yourself?  That’s where I’m at and here’s the word that keeps coming to mind:  balance.  Why is it that the simplest concepts (love thy neighbor, save first, breathe, drink 8 glasses of water, don’t run with scissors) are so damned hard to get a handle on?  And it’s not even a new quest for me–balance is my holy grail, never quite getting my hands on it, but setting out again and again, progressing slowly toward, at least, understanding. 

Moving into a new week, with packed days and worry perched on my shoulder like an ugly, black, matted crow, I am reminding myself of the following:

  • Show/tell the people you love that you love themNothing else matters all that much, but when business makes an entrance, this most vital piece can take a back seat.
  • Your job does not save anyone’s lifeTherefore, do a little reality check and rearrange priorities–it is not possible to be all things to all people.  That right there is a sure recipe for early onset insanity.
  • It is holiday time and you love, LOVE holiday time!  It is nearly inconceivable that it is past mid-November, but it is.  That is the truth and it is time to kick in with some spirit.
  • BREATHE.  Go to your yoga classAt least one.
  • Give yourself a break.  You aren’t perfect (not even close) and that is o.k.
  • If you’re going to watch TV, ditch the crime dramas and watch something funnyThe already overwhelmed brain does not need to focus on murderers, rapists and the lot.

This list is far from comprehensive, so some wisdom from others who have given this some thought:

It is not work that kills men; it is worry. Worry is rust upon the blade.
Henry Ward Beecher


My lovely friend, Allison, has this next one nailed.  At work she coined the phrase “Laps not naps” to get us outside on a brisk walk during the mid-afternoon slump.  Getting a little perspective, a bit of space, never hurt anyone.stepoutside harmony

balance extremes

And this one is resonating, especially as we walk with family through some difficult times:



And just because:

glitterI feel a little better.  Funny what some thought, inspiration and a deep breath can accomplish.  Happy new week!

Banner photo:  Sophie’s lovely snow creature from last year.  Looking forward to what we’ll create over the next few winter months.


  1. So TRUE!

    Thanks for the reminders, Mandi.

    Peaceful wishes being sent to you.


  2. Love you :)

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