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Good News

Good News

A few things that made me smile today:

*It is officially Spring 2012!  I’ve had a cold/cough for almost every day of the winter season.  So, I would like to say out loud (or at least in print):  I am done now with this winter blah.  It is time for healthy, vibrant, clean-air spring zestiness.

*My cousin, Kayla’s, beautiful designs.  I was looking at her website today and came across this photo with her sweet husband Zach.  I miss these two!

Not only is Kayla kind and giving, she’s also a talented designer.  I’m especially partial to her alphabet letters.  I would like to buy this set and spell something that I can frame for my kitchen.

*Iced Americanos–Don’t tell Doug, but I have slipped back into coffee buying mode.  Espresso Express, the first little drive through espresso stand in Yakima, is 1 minute from my office and, frankly, they make one darn good espresso (using organic beans from Camano Island Coffee Roasters).  AND, they usually top off the lid with a chocolate covered espresso bean.  I feel loved every time I go there.

*Pinterest–It makes me happy–kind of like folding down the corners in magazines I’m reading (so I can go back and “do”) or circling all the clothes I want in the jcrew catalog that I’ll more than likely never buy.  So with Pinterest, I don’t really care if I complete, build, cook, buy whatever I’ve pinned.  It’s mostly enough to dream.  BUT, it is hugely satisfying to occasionally conquer one or two.  And so tonight I will be making this yummy asparagus:

And this little piece of goat cheese (sorry, Allison) and pear heaven:

Oh, and one more thing . . .  The list above, though wonderful, really doesn’t even scratch the surface because there are people who make my day with a single word (text), a look, a gesture . . . and you know who you are.  And you all take the cake–I would give up iced lattes, even sunny weather, just to be around you a little bit more.  And so I’m signing off with a grateful heart and a nod to those who make my life rich.



  1. Courtney Gitchell says:

    love your cousins website. :) I might have to check out the alphabet cards. :)

    I also pinned the aspargus recipe. Enjoy!!!

  2. Does Allison hate goat cheese?

  3. Mandi – I am so with you on the spring thing! I felt a dark depressing cloud fall over me today as I went to pick mallory up from school and it was snowing this afternoon!!! NOOOO! I need spring!
    Coffee is the BOMB. Embrace your love and NEED for it. And tell your husband that it makes you nicer. It seems to appease Brett when he sees my monthly coffee expenditures!
    I love your cousins cards – I will have to check out her site – THIS BLOG has led me on so many new adventures – thank you !!!!

    • Jodi–I love when you join the conversation–it makes my day every time! And I am in complete agreement about the snow today–I actually refused to look out my window this afternoon–if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right :)?
      And you are so right about coffee equaling better behavior–just think of who I might be without it–scary. :)

      • I agree. I love it that you are a regular commenter Jodi! We need to get you a t-shirt or bumper sticker or something. Maybe it will say “I’d rather be reading Hometown Perch”. Ha!

  4. Kayla is one talented lady, I want all of her stuff!
    As for spring, let’s raise our collective cups of coffee and toast to sunshine and health :)

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