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Good, Clean Fun

Good, Clean Fun

I’ve been sick for over a month.  Everyone is tired of hearing my disgusting, hacking cough–my family, my co-workers, even my dogs.  And then to top it all off,  on Monday I coughed so hard that I heard something snap in my ribcage.  Not good.  And not good feeling.  Sophie was in the room with me when it happened so I was dancing around in pain saying “Mommy’s okay, Don’t worry, Hon, I’m fine.”  I don’t think she was fooled, though, as the look of agony on my face was not erased by my positive words.  Amazing what tone (and facial expression) convey.

So, I’m feeling a bit vulnerable and am easily susceptible to health advice.  Which brings me to some great stuff I read in Reader’s Digest (a Christmas gift) the other today and thought I’d pass on.  In the February 2012 issue, there’s an article outlining 20 ways to energize your life.  Sign me up!  Here’s a few that really resonated with me:

Drink More Coffee–Granted, it’s not too hard to talk me into more coffee and I’ve heard that coffee is good for you, but I’ve never been encouraged to drink as much as I want!  Here’s what Dr. Sanjiv Chopra has to say:

  • At least one cup a day lowers a woman’s risk of stroke by up to 25 percent
  • More than 6 cups a day cuts a man’s risk of dying from prostate cancer by 60 percent
  • More than 3 cups a day lowers a woman’s risk of developing the most common skin cancer by 20 percent

Now, I deal with low blood sugar occasionally so cannot go hog wild with caffeine.  I have to eat something and limit myself a bit or I become a shaky mess.  It’s encouraging, though, to know that my cup or two a day could be contributing to my health.  Bottoms up, all you coffee lovers!

Stand Up and Count to 60–Did you know that “people who take the most standing breaks throughout the day–even as short as a minute–have slimmer waists, lower cholesterol, and better insulin response than those who take the fewest, regardless of how much other exercise they get“?  Fascinating!  I’m going to make a more conscious effort to move my body at least once every 1/2 hour of so (unless I’m in the middle of a meeting where this would be frowned upon).  And the photo below is inspiring me . . . my co-workers may be greeted with a few hula hoops come Monday morning.

Eat More Quinoa–Recently I have pinned some great looking quinoa recipes, though I’ve not been able to use them due to lack of appliances.  This super food is loaded with protein, fiber and magnesium.  According to chef Scott Uehlein, the secret to loving quinoa is to toast it first, which gives it a “nutty, rich flavor.”  Yum!

Here’s one for a delicious Quinoa Burger:

And what looks like amazing  Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps:

And finally, killer Quinoa, Avacado Salad:

Here’s to enjoying the ride to good health!




  1. I may need to take a hoola-hoop to work so I can workout in my lonely little cubicle. :)

  2. I was thinking of getting a hoola hoop! Now I need one. I rarely sit down at work, so I guess I never need to exercise, right? ;)

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