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Countdown to Spring

Countdown to Spring

Ready for sunshine, warmth and flip flops, anyone?  I am done with winter and am moving on, at least mentally, to spring.

Lately I’ve been fantasizing about the moment when I see that first bit of lovely, pale green shoot coming from the soil and I know that in no time there will be fresh food on the table.  I realize it’s February and this moment is down the line a bit, but that doesn’t really matter, because I’m in dream phase, which is almost as good as that first bite of strawberry or sniff of chives.  Possibilities are endless and I am determined to enter some previously unknown realms.

One of my goals is to plant some heirloom seeds this year.  Some that I have my eyes on:

Watermelon Radishes–Looking more like an art piece than food, these beauties are a must for my garden this year.  I am picturing them on green salads or as a garnish on potato and pasta salads.  I’ll be ordering mine from the Sustainable Seed Co. website.  I can’t get over how lovely they are!

Jubilee Tomatoes–I already have plans for upping the deliciousness of my peach salsa recipe with these sunny babies.  Toss in some fresh chives from the garden and a bit of crushed garlic–yum.

Anise–I love the smell and flavor of anise.  My plan is to figure out how to dry the seeds so that I can use them in recipes next fall and winter.

The All Recipes website gives a description of possible uses for anise:

Anise is used whole or crushed in cookies, cakes, breads, cheese, pickles, stews, fish and shellfish dishes. Roasting enhances the flavor. Middle Eastern, Portuguese, German, Italian and French cuisines use anise in seasoning blends such as curry, hoisin, sausage and pepperoni seasonings.

Here are a few recipes I’d like to try:

Anise Biscotti

Anise Icebox Cookies

The countdown to spring begins:  31 days to go!



  1. Those radishes are gorgeous!

  2. I’m on the countdown to spring too. I’m also looking forward to summer in the Ellison garden again. Is the pool almost ready. ;)

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