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Clean Dreams:  Laundry Room Design

Clean Dreams: Laundry Room Design

I now have the most perfect white backdrop for my laundry room, but it needs a bit of warmth and color.  I’ve been brainstorming about how to fill the space.

Three ideas I’m considering for the blank wall over the washer:

1. The lovely picture frames my dad has been making:

2.Wall decals like the ones pictured below.  I’ve even seen decals used ON a washer or dryer which is an interesting idea.  I do, though, like to be able to quickly wipe down my W & D and I’m afraid a decal might get in the way.  I’ll probably stick (terrible, unintended pun) with the wall.


3. Artwork by Sophie and me made with painters tape, paint and canvas.  I got a great deal on different sized canvas at Craft Warehouse a few months ago so this project would simply involve choosing a color palette.  I’m thinking about incorporating the green we used in the kitchen, similar to the green incorporated in this example from the Michelle Paige blog:

I’ll be posting the end result soon.  Please feel free to pass on comments and ideas!


  1. Your laundry room looks fabulous! As for how to fill that wall, I think you would win with any of those choices, as long as you get the scale right. Can’t wait to see the new rooms in person :)

  2. That artwork is very cool!

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