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Lovely Day in Wine Country

Lovely Day in Wine Country

Oh, the sunshine was out last Sunday . . . finally, finally.  In and of itself that made me one happy gal.  Then we hopped into the truck with Stacie and Dylan and headed to some of the Rattlesnake Hills’ wineries.  Sunshine, wine and friends–voilà!

Our first stop was Masset Winery.  We tasted some delicious reds paired with dark chocolate truffle brownies.  Our favorite wines:  2005 Cabernet Sauvignon and le Petit Rouge.

Stacie and Dylan Enjoying the Day

Debbie, part of the Masset family, makes these fabulous pretzels.  I could eat an entire bag on my own in one sitting (in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve already done this).  I highly recommend picking some up.

Stacie Getting Cheeky

Next we headed to Hyatt and were greeted by the blue skies:

Inside, we enjoyed our tasting:

And really loved the chocolate creations:  crushed Oreos and cream cheese dipped in chocolate:

Checking Out the View

On to Bonair Winery where we were greeted by Bung Dog, trotting through the vineyards:

Love this sweet pup.  Quite the tour guide, he led us straight to the winery:

Inside, we got to business:

Truffle "Grapes"

Bung saying goodbye.  (Have I mentioned I’m fond of dogs?)

Last stop:  downtown Yakima, Gilbert Cellars:

Doug and Dylan go contemplative:

Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon, anyone?



  1. I could have a blast in wine country as long as I had a driver LOL!

  2. I love it! You got some great pictures. The one of Dylan and Doug cracks me up! How many Bung dog pictures did you end up having on your camera? :)

    Thanks for a great, relaxing day.

  3. Courtney Gitchell says:

    looks like so much fun. John and I are going to have to fly out next year for this one. :)

  4. You included those pretzels in my gift box and I agree, it was all I could do not to eat the entire bag in one setting! I’m also very fond of winery dogs – great round up, it got me excited for our annual spring trip over the mountains to visit the wineries!

  5. It’s the 100th birthday of Oreos today! Yay for that yummy (and frighteningly mysterious) white filling!


  1. [...] of the best parts about our recent excursion to the local Red Wine & Chocolate event was–well the chocolate. The offerings varied. Gilbert Cellars had designer truffles [...]

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